The Trauma of A Car Accident — When Physics Meets Biology

When you are in a car accident, you could be completely unharmed (if lucky), a little sore, seriously hurt, or even killed. How do the common injuries in car accidents happen? Why is there such a great variation in outcomes? I found the video below about car accident injuries. It introduces the study of “injury […]

Car Accidents on “Everyday Law”

This week on “Everyday Law” we’ll be talking about car accidents — from the beginning to the end. We’ll be talking about the trauma of the impact of an accident, the aftermath of your typical car accidents and how you should handle addressing the other driver, what the police officer is trying to accomplish when […]

Why You REALLY Need An Injury Attorney If You Don’t Have Health Coverage

It is an incalculable benefit to have health insurance if you are injured in any kind of accident — whether it is an auto accident, a slip and fall injury, or an industrial or construction accident.  At first, I suppose this seems obvious.  You want your medical bills paid, right?  That’s what health insurance is […]

Why Fault Matters in a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury suits are about correcting an injustice.  A claim is only good if someone has done something wrong.  And the more wrong it is, the better the case.  It’s not simply a matter of getting injured — accidents do happen, after all.  It’s a matter of someone else being so careless that they caused […]

What Happens If the Other Driver Has No Insurance?

State law in Illinois mandates carrying a minimum auto insurance policy of $20,000/$40,0000, in case of a car accident. These limits naturally give rise to two questions: First, what happens if the injuries in the car accident are more than the limits of the available insurance policy?  Secondly, what if the other driver was breaking […]